… and they smell heavenly ‪


pretty rose


because it all starts somewhere…

lee googly doll

not sure why I titled this post “because it all starts somewhere…” — maybe it’s because I’m thinking about the patterns we establish for ourselves, or maybe it’s because of that in-your-face pattern on my totally jazzy pants in this blurred image of me as a kid.

In any case, I have a blog called Madness Mom & Me. It’s about my slightly neurotic, yet totally lovable Italian family from New Jersey, and it can found HERE.

I share some humorous and some irreverent stories and snippets about the usually hilarious antics of my kooky family (and the 16 foster kids my mom & dad brought into our world) and ask for you to share yours as well.
Please join me at Madness and read a snippet or two, and maybe we can figure our just where it all started.